All payments made using a card are processed through Alpha Bank’s ‘Alpha e-Commerce’ electronic payment platform and uses TLS 1.2 encryption with a 128-bit encryption protocol (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL). Encryption is a way of encoding information until it reaches its intended recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.

Choose the payment method that suits you:

Cash on delivery: payment to the courier upon delivery of the order.
Through Alpha Bank with your Credit, Debit or Prepaid Card: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners, Discover.
Note: To complete the transaction, your card must be registered in your bank’s online system.

* We would like to inform you that for your best service, orders that exceed the amount of 50 euros can be paid exclusively by credit / debit card and not by cash on delivery!